Section 278 Enabling Works at The Regent, Manchester

Section 278 Enabling Works at The Regent.jpg

Section 278 Enabling Works at The Regent

Over a three-week period, B T O’Sullivan Construction Solutions were required to successfully complete a Section 278 works in conjunction with Urban Vision and Traffic Management.

The main content of this project involved the lowering of an existing highway verge, during which the bulk excavation was successfully completed in and around numerous Statutory Undertakers plant. The new access was surfaced in both tarmac and air entrained concrete finish.

Also included in the works was the removal of the existing street lighting and all the workings to a pay and display car park alongside the new access.

Successfully Managed Section 278 Project Resulting in A Smooth Transition

This project was successfully managed in a way to avoid future disruption, in that once the main works are completed the finished works can be installed without the need of breaking out the enabling works.