Site Clearance, Trial Holes & Compound Set Up

Site Clearance, Trial Holes & Compound Set Up Site Development Project.jpg

Site Clearance, Trial Holes & Compound Set Up Site Development Project

As part of a long-term site development project, B T O’Sullivan Construction Solutions were tasked to complete a series of trial hole investigations to locate and identify underground services on the site and return the site to a presentable and suitable condition to the owner in preparation for land sale.

All trial holes we successfully located using hand tools. After exposing the services, the works were recorded, photographed and reported back to the client before operatives backfilled the trenches to the same condition before the works commenced.

The next stage in the programme was a full site clearance of all materials and waste. Prior to this a full site review was conducted before the site clearance took place to assess what materials could be saved or needed removing from site. Circa 80% of the material found on site was successfully recycled during the site clearance, also cost savings were made by the client by recycling all scrap metal. Any materials that were carried off site were covered by a waste transfer note. Once the area was cleared it was then regraded to a general level.

Compound Set Up Puts The Finishing Touches to The Project

The final aspect of this project included the creation of a new compound area at the South side of the site. This area of hard standing and mixed use material previously was unused and in an unsuitable condition for a compound set up and safe access and egress. B T O’Sullivan Construction Solutions striped the area and reprofiled the land, regrading and levelling to a suitable general level and surface. Additional materials were added to the area and a suitable fencing structure added along with a pedestrian walkway area.

This entire project was completed within several days successfully in time for the client to complete the land sale and hand over to the new owners.