Bulk Excavation, Hareshill Business Park

Bulk Excavation of 8,000m3 Surplus Material.jpg

Bulk Excavation of 8,000m3 Surplus Material at Hareshill Business Park

B T O’Sullivan Construction Solutions carried out the bulk excavation and cart off site of surplus material prior to the main works starting on site. Throughout the project over 8,000m3 of material was removed.

The material was tested prior to the commencement of the works and it was found to be inert and has the properties that enable the material to be used as engineered fill.

We made arrangements for bulk excavation of this material to be transported to one of our other operational sites that required engineered material. This was carried out under the CL: AIRE code of Practice.

B T O’Sullivan Construction Solutions Provide Substantial Costs Savings Through Bulk Excavation Works

This project benefited both Clients as the material was being used as engineered fill and the offsite tipping costs were greatly reduced.

Under the CL: AIRE Code of Practice B T O’Sullivan Construction Solutions monitor every wagon movement from the site; noting the carrier, where it has come from and where it has been deposited on the receiving site. A paper trail is then available at both the site where it is being removed and the receiving site